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Let CINDY & CO. give yourself a virtual makeover from your hairstyles, makeup, clothing and accessories. CINDY & CO. take pride in their work and the outcome to make all of our clients look and feel "Beautiful."

CINDY & CO. enjoy the edifying process to change the way you look and specialize in the do's & dont's that ensure every client is satisfied with the final results of their look and feel comfortable enough to take on the WORLD!!

CINDY & CO. has provided some helpful tips of 10 steps to update your look on a budget.

Step 1: Clean and Organize

Taking inventory ensures you won't unnecessarily spend on items you don't need. Organize your existing wardrobe into pants, skirts, jackets, blouses, and dresses. Except for workout clothes and what I refer to as "extreme casual" wear, resist the urge to make distinctions between work and casual clothes. You'll get more value from your wardrobe by opening up your options to dress up and dress down.

Step 2: Edit Ruthlessly

Anything that does not make you feel good about yourself has to go. Every time you try on something that doesn't flatter, that is not only time wasted, it also chips away at your self-image. Not sure if something looks great? Enlist help. Some moms have friends who tell them whether or not something is better off retired. I have an 20 year old daughter. Much as I hate to admit, her fashion choices are usually correct.

Step 3: Play Favorites

The standard rule is to toss, donate or sell anything you haven't worn in a year, but there are exceptions to every rule! I keep certain favorites around, just in case. (Keep reading!) Send things you can't part with to the back of the closet, or better yet, to another room entirely so they don't take space in your now clean and organized closet.

Step 4: Identify Must-Haves

Make a list of key items depending on your work and lifestyle. I need a lot of business wear dresses, colorful tops and nice dress slacks. If any of your essentials need replacing, put these on your list first, and plan to spend the most on these (but only if you have to, more on that later.)

Step 5: Flip and Click

This is the fun part. Get your favorite beverage and head to a well-stocked magazine rack or public library. As you flip the pages pay attention to styles you already know will flatter you and fashions that show up over and over. Think about how things you already own can be incorporated into new outfits. Catalogs are another great source of what's hot in a particular season. If you don't get catalogs shipped to your home, go to the online stores to see what everyone is wearing. I also like to tape morning television shows, which have a fashion segment almost every day.

Step 6: Choose Your Trends

With the latest trends in mind, add to your list those fun seasonal pieces you're going to incorporate into your wardrobe. Don't forget to check the back of your closet for one of those favorites you've put away in seasons past. I recently pulled out a vibrant summer yellow two piece Blazer short set. I haven't worn in years, but they both look like they're ripped from a page of any recent fashion layout.

Step 7: Swap and Shop Resale

Some moms save a lot of money by swapping clothes or accessories with friends. I like this idea for certain essentials-Jewelry, purses, shoes or even clutches-but I prefer to shop my own style for my clothing. Armed with your list of essentials and trendy items, hit your best local resale shops. Remember to factor in the cost of any alterations.

Step 8: Hit the Web

Online shopping is great, especially if you know certain brands that fit your body well. Sites like eBay and Craigslist can be an inexpensive source for fun fashion items. You can also often snag great deals by signing up for new accounts or subscribing to alert or newsletter lists. Always search for promo codes before you checkout.

Step 9: Never Pay Retail!

Your next stop for wardrobe updates is traditional retail outlets. Start first at discount stores like TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross and then head to the different department and specialty stores. Take advantage of coupons and rewards points if you have them, and use your smart phone to search for coupon codes before you get to the register. Always ask the cashier if there are any coupons he or she can scan for you.

Step 10: Document Your Best Looks

Whether in a journal, on your phone, or file in your computer-make note about or take pictures of outfits you love. In a busy mom's morning, it's easy to forget a fabulous combination you put together on a particularly good day. Having a record of great looks ensures you'll always feel great about yourself when you step outside your door!

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